Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BFL-apalooza at BBF

Today I've updated the Black Bunny Fibers shop with some great blue-faced leicester yarns and rovings. You'll find 100% superwash BFL sock yarn:

Red Light

Electric Navy

a terrific, tightly-twisted blend of 75% BFL and 25% nylon:


Cabbage Rose

some batches of superwash BFL roving:


and some non-superwash BFL roving:

Go get 'em while they last! (It's the last update before my big studio sale on Nov. 22d...)


Karen W. said...

AWESOME colors, Carol -- wish I could afford one of everything!

Laurel said...

Why must you torment me while I am organizing my basement of stash (thus undoubtedly showing me that I really don't "need" any yarn or roving for years). Why must it all be so pretty and BFLeistery?

Anonymous said...

You are the devil.


Roxanne said...

I must.have.red light. My name is Roxanne after all.