Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rhinebeck: part 3

Sunday morning was bright and crisp, but that didn't stop me from wearing my shorts. Sure enough, by noon it had warmed up, so much so that we needed to take off some of our handknit scarves and shawls. (I did get a lot of strange looks for my shorts, but I was very comfortable, thank you.)

We only had a few hours in the morning before we started our drive back, so I got right down to it and located Melissa. Finally, a chance to stalk her.

Apparently, MMO now has a handler, because look what happened:

Oh, the paparazzi!

We saw more nice people

These lovely patterns available @ Twist Collective; beautiful redhead not included

Barb & Mindy

Just a hunch, but I think she likes bunnies

Face-painter AND spinner: why choose?

and lovely knitted and crocheted objects

and a whack-ass lamb puppet

and we saw a fiberglass cow (that's "fibreglass" for my Canadian/UK friends),

and even ran into a capuchin monkey with his own Cozy Coupe.

I must say that I still missed certain people who didn't come tremendously (Ve-ve, Franklin, Ted, Lars, Bridget Clancy, Anmiryam and many others) but had a fun & relaxing weekend. Only 362 or so days 'til the next one...


Ruth said...

There was something completely off-putting about the guy with the sheep hand puppet. It was just so RANDOM ... he didn't seem to be entertaining people particularly, just wandering the fairgrounds with a puppet.

Otherwise, it was a great weekend, as always.

Rows Red said...

Hey, that's me! :) It's actually a leather mask I bought from an Etsy artisan, and I was dressed as Nyx, Queen of Night (My dress was black with silver sparkles). My team mates were a software pirate, lady bandit, Juliet, and a cat. We had so much fun doing the Sheep to Shawl, and were pleased as punch to score 2nd.

It looks like you had a great time as well! Rhinebeck is magical. :)

BerryandTwig said...

Lovely pictures! And I have to agree with Ruth about the hand puppet. Seems a little odd. Reminds me of that show lambchop that was on tv about 15 years ago!!

Knittah said...

"whack-ass lamb puppet"

Possibly one of the best phrases ever.