Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You need this book

Nothing makes me happier than seeing talented people make good. GKIYH pal Barb Brown is going to vault into the knitting stratosphere with her brand-new book which is available NOW at Knitting Knee-Highs: Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary:

I've known Barb for a while (on-line only, alas, although we do have high hopes for meeting in real life someday) and she's an amazing friend, as well as a fabulous knitter. So I am proud to recommend to you this beautiful book, full of gorgeous patterns. (FYI: The patterns are also adjustable to be regular-length socks if you don't like knee-highs.)

I am especially excited to reveal that not one, but two of the gorgeous stranded patterns in the book are knit in Black Bunny Fibers yarn:

Are they not exquisite?

I am eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive, and when I does, you'll get the full book review treatment. Congratulations to Barb!


juicyknits said...

Oh no!!! Not another knitting addiction, please...

Fredda said...

I just received my copy today and I've already bookmarked 5 patterns! Where shall I begin??

laura said...

isn't it funny that i spent six years of my education in Catholic schools DREADING knee socks and now, with temps in the teens, that's all i want to make? life is funny like that.

and OH HAI! i can get it on mah kindle!