Tuesday, June 14, 2011

13 Things I learned at TNNA

1. There are very few pharmacies in downtown Columbus but there sure are a lot of Nationwide buildings.

2. Shannon Okey has lavender hair. At least this week.

3. The Icelandic phone book is organized by first name rather than last.

4. Fetishists buy used/worn socks on places like Ebay.

5. You can get excellent pierogi at the market across from the convention center. Plus the guy really speaks Polish!

6. Exchanging nametags and pretending to be someone else in the fiber world seems a lot more fun when you have had several glasses of wine, unless you are Abby Franquemont or Cat Bhordi.

7. Martha Stewart has created a new line of yarns, including an old skool fun fur. (Srsly.)

8. Flying isn't so bad if you take an Ativan first.

9. People from New Zealand don't like it when you assume they are Aussies.

10. Wooly Wormhead is a naughty minx.

11. I have made some of the most fabulous friends through the fiber world.

VeVe and I held hands

12. People wrestle in their bikinis with skyr. But not at TNNA.

13. I am not as young as I used to be.

More coming soon...


Bridget said...

So will the hand-holding picture be your new FB profile pic??

Anonymous said...

Leave it to you to"sniff out" authentic pierogis. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

Carol said...

Oh Bridget....jealous much? (:

Dawn in NL said...

"People from New Zealand don't like it when you assume they are Aussies." And Canadians don't like to be taken for Americans. I learned to ask "where are you from" and when the answer was NZ/Australia, Canada/USA I would say, oh yes I know that but what part?


Shannon Periwinkle-Haired Okey said...

It faded in the hotel pool, now it's kind of silvery-blue. So, y'know, you're right -- as usual.