Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Let's start with the stuff that's irking the shit out of me this week.
1. Lyme relapse. Aching joints, fatigue, brain fog -- need I say more?
2. Anna Nicole Smith coverage 24/7: A sad life comes to an even sadder end. Can we please move on?
3. Impending war with Iran. Oh God, isn't ANYONE in America paying attention? They're doing the same thing they did with Iraq: using an unquestioning media to feed us dubious conclusions and shaky intelligence to make war seem inevitable. It's not. Even if you could believe their so-called intelligence. Which you can't.
4. Impending deadline for book. First wave of designs are due. Will all of mine go down in the ignominious flames of my hubris and incompetence?
5. Problems with skein winder. This should make you, my customers, cranky, too, because it makes it harder/slower for me to get an Etsy update.

On the other hand, let's look at the bright side:
1. The people at Fricke -- who made the skeinwinder -- have been unfailingly helpful and gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me fix things.
2. I got the new Rowan Magazine, the new Interweave Knits, and the new Interweave Favorite Socks book to ogle. Yarn porn goes a long, long way toward making me happy.
3. It's snowing. Purty, and good knitting weather, too.
4. My mom is feeling very well.
5. The Dixie Chicks kicked ass at the Grammies.
6. Someone found my blog by googling "pattern for cranky pants to knit."


Anonymous said...

The wall-to-wall Anna Nicole coverage is making me nostalgic for the wall-to-wall coverage about crazy homicidal astronaut diaper lady. Now THAT was a great story.

Knittah said...

I'm sorry about the relapse Carol. I hope you feel better soon!

Sherry W said...

Feel better soon, crankypants.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the link to the Manolo!!!!!!

Carol said...

Those are quite the search terms. How odd! Feel better soon.

Diane said...

Really can I just see one more clip of Anna Nicole slurring her words as she attempts to talk? Or maybe a paid interview with her friends and family would be nice. Enough already.

Hope you Lyme gets back under control and you can feel better soon.

Aponia said...

I hope you feel better soon Carol!

And ugh...war with Iran. With all the movements of military personnel in that general direction..it just gives me a queasy feeling to think about it. And this conflict is far more scary to think about then Iraq ever was...being that Iran actually does have weapons. Ugh.

Good luck with the deadline!

Unknown said...

Lyme is back? That sucks. Feel better, sweetie. At least you have some good mags to peruse. Is the Rowan mag as good as it looked on their website?

I was completely thrilled that the Dixie Chicks won big at the Grammys. I play that album a lot and it's just wonderful, every single cut. Besides, who isn't sick of James Blunt shrieking "You're beautiful"? I know I am.

maryse said...

have you seen the stephanie japel book yet? i'm intrigued, but i certainly would like to see it first before ordering. i've been burned too many times.

sorry about the lyme.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show over on Comedy Central did a bit on the 24/7 Anna Nichol Smith coverage. It was hilarious. Luckily I seldom watch TV so I missed the coverage.

Cindy G said...

Anna Nicole Smith, bread and circuses, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." I'm tired to the bone by all the distraction and slight of hand, and yes I'm worried about the movement toward Iran.

Marigold said...

Y'know, I don't care a whit about Anna Nicole Smith. I'm just sad for her little baby. Everybody's fighting over her, and it seems like it's just to control her inheritance, poor thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your snow.
The snow is serious here in The Town Where Barack Announced. According to News Channel W1CS 20/F0X 55 the blizzard conditions made "firefighters equipment freeze so they couldn't pick up their hoses". Really. Baby got backdraft.(I stole that last line from Whose Line Is It Anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Oooh- when you feel a bit more up to it, can you give us a review on the Interweave socks book? I love your reviews because they are always so throrough and thought out.

I hope you feel better soon. For me brain fog is the worst- I fell off a ladder when I was 19 and landed on my head and after the accident I had really bad brain fog for a long time, and every once in a while it comes back (chiefly with people and names- its sort of a side effect of landing on ones head. I always feel bad when students come up to me in the hall and I stare at them and cannot remember their names for the life of me.) So I feel you on the brain fog. I hope you feel better soon.

Carol said...

To what Tom said, I have to live in this stupid town these circus attractions occurred in. I could get to the Hardrock in minutes. Damn, we didn't even enjoy an upswing in revenue.

Lisa said...

1. Hope you feel better soon.
2. Scared too about Iran.
3. Hope the skein winder situation is fixed soon, may need a Black Bunny fix soon
4. Read cranky pants and snorted hot chocolate out of my nose!

Anonymous said...

Cranky pants could be the Next Big Thing. You should develop a pattern immediately!

Carrie said...

Yes, I'm watching the media blitz to get us into another war that will piss more people off at us and make them hate us without reservation. And why don't more people sound sympathetic about Anna Nicole's baby? Poor mite. Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Warning: Shameless adoration of Black Bunny Fibers Ahead.

I just got your package of "career girl pink" lace weight, and I heart it!

I had the crummiest day, and to see the bulging mailbox was good. To see what was in the mailbox was even better. The yarn is soft, and the colours run, mix, swirl together in, well I don't know, some sort of coloury yumminess that I can't put a name to.

I'm going to pull the Harlot's trick and just set this on the coffee table for a bit (a week or so), and then I'm going to make Icarus. It's perfect.

Once again, thanks so much.


Unknown said...

PS. I am considering starting a blog, just so I can talk about how much I love your yarn. Oh, and I just bought myself a digital camera. How sad is that?