Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guest Blogger: Miss Thang

My kids got wonderful digital cameras for Christmas. They are specifically made for kids so they are brightly-colored and rugged. Really rugged. Today, G. -- home from school due to ice -- steps in her mother's shoes, providing today's post and photos:

My Christmas Pictures
by G.C.S.

This is our Santa. He plays music and dances. Mommy still hasn't put him away yet.

We have a fireplace. This is where we hang our stockings for Santa on Christmas.

This is Charcoal.

This is N. He's my twin brother.

Here is Mommy.

This is J. He's my big brother.

Here is Daddy.

We had a pretty Christmas tree. I like the lights.

These are my everyones. (Note from Mommy: "Everyones" is a word my kids coined to refer to their favorite stuffed animals and dolls. As in, "I can't go to sleep without my everyones in bed with me.")

This is Panda, but when I was little I used to call him "Panna."

This is Violet-Rose. When you turn her upside down, there's another girl!


This is Snowflake.

This is Snowgirl. She's a Webkinz. Her birthday is February 19th. It's coming up!

This is Sparkly. She's a pink pony.

This is Splashie. Splashie is a duck. My brother's toy is next to Splashie.

This is Chewie. Chewie is a Chihuahua!

This is Gus. Gus is the name of the mouse in Cinderella, too.

This is Lovy. A love frog!

This is Pinky, the pink poodle.

This is Pat the Bunny. This was my big brother's bunny. He loved the book "Pat the Bunny." When he was little, he used to call her "Pa Ah Boom."

This is Rattle Cat. When I was a baby, my daddy used to put her next to me and I would knock her over.

This is Rose. She's a pink poodle!



Anonymous said...

wow, G, you took a lot of photos, photos of all the people and everyones who mean something to you.

thanks for sharing! you made a gloomy day brighter! :-)

Bridget said...

I really enjoyed this post. I see your mommy isn't the only one with talent in the family!

Anonymous said...

G- this is a great post. You have a great sense of composition for the everyone's

thanks for sharing.

mindy said...

Wonderful pictures, G. Your Christmas tree really was very pretty. I like your everyones very much. Do you play with Snowgirl alot? Will she do something special for her birthday?

Thanks for blogging for your mom. Come back soon!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Nice post, Ms.G-Thang! Very nice pictures, especially of the family, but my absolute favorite is of "Panna". :-)

the hanged man said...

Great photos, G! Take and post more!

And aren't snow days the best? People in warmer climates don't know what they're missing...

Lynne E. said...

Great photo story--I really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that there'd be room in the bed for G. with all those everyones! :)

Carol said...

That's the best group of everyones I've ever seen! A really great post G!

Barbara-Kay said...

I enjoyed seeing your Christmas and everyone photos. Thanks for guest blogging today.

Anonymous said...

a blogger in the making!
Thanks for sharing!

Patricia said...

What is the camera and how old is the child. I took my camera to my moms at christmas and let me tell you my camera was a hit with the young kids. I would like to find something for 5-6 year olds.


Carol said...

Hi Patty! I edited the post so there's a link. Just lick on "wonderful digital cameras".

I think I got mine at Target w/ a percentage off coupon.