Friday, February 08, 2008


Well, I think that the Saga of the Bus has come to a close.

At least for now.

Earlier this week, Tom and I sent a polite yet indignant letter to the school superintendent expressing our concerns about both the bus incidents and the reaction of the principal. We sent the letter by snail mail and email, and a few hours after the email went out, Tom got a call from the superintendent. The superintendent said all the right things -- and interestingly, he told us that the principal admitted to the superintendent that she was out of line when she spoke to me. (My personal suspicion is that the guidance counselor ratted her out, but I am merely speculating.) The principal is supposed to apologize. (Hasn't so far, but I'm not holding my breath.) The hitter was assigned a special seat in the front so the driver can keep an eye on him. We will continue to keep an eye on things and keep y'all apprised. Meanwhile, my posse of bus-stop moms has been alerted and they, too, will continue to monitor both the bus -- and the principal.

Thank you again for all of the thoughtful and supportive comments. It helped a lot for me to be able to reality test and know that I was doing the right thing.

On a lighter note

Thanks to Liz who tipped me off that the two patterns I did for JCA/Reynolds at the end of last summer have magically appeared in the Patternworks catalog (click on the Spring 2008 tab). Both would be very quick knits for experienced knitters and good easy ones for a relatively inexperienced knitter to try. There's the Flutter Sleeve sweater

and the cap-sleeve top with a cable detail running down the front. Both are knit in the round to streamline finishing.

Now I have an Etsy update to see to -- and I'm a bit behind on my photographing... Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hey, yo,
That's my bag pictured with your cable front sweater.
They know we're in tune with each other.

So glad you got results from the superintendent.
Isn't it sad that you had to go so far?

Anonymous said...

justice has been served. pity, though, that the hitter did not get suspended, thrown off the bus, or kicked out of school.

have a good weekend!

mindy said...

Glad too that you got results- from phone call down to assigned seat for kicker. And there's nothing more formidable than a watchful group of moms.

Way to go on patterns, too- they look great!

Diane said...

What a terrible experience for Elvis and your family. In our school district the kicker would have been banished from the bus and his parents would be responsible for transportation.

I'd email the principal with a cc to the superintendent if you don't get that apology. A small thing but really she needs to suck it up and apologize for her terrible behavior.

Carol said...

I didn't know you designed too! I have those two marked in my book to order when I do spring shopping. She's creative AND kicks the ass of principals. awesome.

Carol said...

Great news on the bus saga. I hope that's the end of it and that bully learns a lesson.

Is it just me or is that flutter sleeve sweater familiar? Did the green get dumped for orange?

Carol said...

Why, yes! It's knit in a new Reynolds yarn called "Rise and Shine." But I think you know why I lerve Wool Bam Boo so much -- it's fun to knit, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that our principal is about "protecting her people" as well whether they are right or wrong.

I learned this twice - when I requested that the stairs to the back of the school be shoveled so people, especially those with little children be able to get up the hill to pick up their kids. The response was that there was no. Translated as "if the janitors wanted to shovel the stairs, they would be shoveled".
We'll point the finger at the town and the town will point the finger at us and nothing will be done.

And when I asked the substitute janitor if he could wait to sweep the floor because we use that space EVERY week at that time, the principal actually called me at home and accused me of berrating the janitor. Hello, I have 20 unsupervised kids running around the cafeteria waiting for their Lego club to start, I didn't have time to compose an eloquent speech. I wasn't rude, just stated things the way they were.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

I am so glad for the news about the bus bully & school system.
I hope that apology comes with a big fat slice of humble pie.