Friday, February 27, 2009

Flat Friday

I've just added a bunch of sock flats to my website:

Unfortunately, my camera -- which I dearly love and finally felt like I was learning how to use properly -- died this week. This is making me very sad, for so many reasons. Most relevant to the sock flats is that although I am trying to photograph them stretched out, so you can see the color progressions, the logistics (they are long and thin, which makes for an odd rectangular photo) combined with the lack of a real camera are making it very hard to do so. In particular, I'm having trouble capturing all the colors accurately. So right now, it may seem like something of a leap of faith to order one, and I apologize for that.

These are the same kind of flats that I used for the Sunrise Chevron Socks in the new Knotions, in case you've wanted to try them. If you aren't sure how the flats work, you have two options. The flats are knitted up with two strands of sock yarn together. If you knit your socks two at a time, you can just start one sock with each of the two strands, unwinding the yarn from the flat as you go. If you knit your socks one at a time, you can unravel the yarn, simultaneously winding two balls as you go (it helps to enlist a friend to wind one strand while you wind the other). Each ball will be identical for those of you who are anal about matching socks. All of the sock flats contain wide stretches of color (similar to, say, Noro sock yarn, or Trekking XXLs) that will make wide stripes, but because of the way they are dyed, the colors will not have as sharp a delineation between stripes as some of the commercial yarns.

Now I'm off to research cameras (heavy sigh) -- so have a great weekend, everyone!


lamazeteacher said...

The uninitiated knitters and those new to your blog thank you so much for the explanation of how to use the sock flats. As soon as I finish the pair I have been working on for a year (on and off between other projects), I will try this yarn. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Carol, these are super fab! Any chance of getting flats in a superwash DK or light DK (6 sts/in) yarn, so I can make Baby Surprise Jackets with your beautiful color gradations? I would buy a ton!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the colors. They look like a big basket of PEEPS!


Anonymous said...

I faithfully leapt, and now can't wait to see it! (you know, so I can be distracted from all the things I should be doing...)

Anonymous said...

I love the color.