Monday, February 23, 2009

We knit and we noshed.

Saturday night was the last night of Speranza'a, and we celebrated with the traditional ball. Miss Thang wore all her bling:

and her brother put on a nice shirt, too:

and there was even some minuet-ing:

Yesterday, I spent a lovely afternoon with Allison and the Knit-n-Nosh gang. I got to get some kitteh love -- this is Seamus:

We had some delicious refreshments, and we knit a lot, and Knitty D showed off her new shawl (made in Socks That Rock):

None of the humans would cooperate with the photographer, so I bring you Jake, the sleepy little Maltese:

Note to Philadelphia-area readers: I'll be book-signing at Ewe and I, at their (relatively) new location in Narberth on Sunday, March 22d from 1 to 3 p.m.


Lisa said...

It was much fun knitting and noshing with the gals! Oh, and thank you for not posting unflattering, uncooperative photos of the human participants...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Although I'm a San Francisco knitter, I lived in Narberth (on Woodside Ave, just on the "other side" of the train station from Mapes) from 86-89. It made my day to see it mentioned on a knit blog! Must check out Ewe and I when I'm in Philly in April.

Anonymous said...

I really need to teaparty with that child someday.

Anonymous said...

I have two kittehs...wanna come over and pet my babies?

we would also knit, of course...