Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rhinebeck: Part 2

Saturday night ended up being a cozy and mellow evening. My roommates convinced me that drinking lots of wine and eating lots of Chinese food while sitting in the hotel room in my jammies was the way to go, and you know what? They were right. So we gossiped about yarn and the yarn world and cracked jokes and had a wonderful time.

Sunday morning was even more beautiful, and although we had to bid the cool Canadian ladies "adieu," we were still prepared to get our last licks in at the show, before hitting the road. For some reason, we hadn't seen a lot of Philadelphia friends Saturday and we were wondering where they all were. But Sunday was a different story. We ran into the lovely Jody Pirrello Richards and her loyal companion Christy first thing.

Shortly after that, we found Lisa and Purlewe loitering near a display of pumpkins....

and just as we were about to leave, Jim found Craig and Mark (Mark is a love; he very kindly shared his fried pickles with us).

Laura and I were fairly restrained in our shopping, although we did both succumb to the lure of some Bartlett yarn.

In the interests of science, I decided to do an experiment: APPLE CRISP VS. APPLE PIE.
You can see the choices here:

Crisp (Saturday's choice)

Pie (Sunday's choice)

I have to say that I preferred the pie: more apples and the crust was moister than the crisp. (I believe strongly in the scientific method. I am debating whether to do pumpkin pie vs. apple pie next year.....)

Of course, there were all sorts of lovely things to see at the show, and I enjoyed snapping some photos of miscellaneous items that caught my eye. From lop-eared goats

to an entrelac wrap;

sheep of all flavors, colors and sizes;

fiber-related equipment

and handwoven baskets

a baby bun

(This guy was a ham. He absolutely mugged for the camera)

delicious things to eat and drink:

um, Yoda?

but I think my favorite photo from the weekend is this one.

One of the last things we did was walk through the animal barns and see the sheep. Laura seemed to have an uncanny bond with the sheep, and at one point, she had 3 or 4 sheep jostling to try to get her to pet them. I started calling her "the Sheep Whisperer."

The weekend flew, and I've barely unpacked my suitcase and it's time for another teaching gig, this time at Stitches East. So if you're in Hartford this weekend, make sure you stop me and say hello...


Marianne said...

All the photos are pretty fabulous, one of my favourites? the bewb pastries. :^)

Lisa said...

The sheep love Laura because they know she does such wonderful complicated things with their fleece!

And did you know that entrelac shawl was cashmere...she graciously let me grope her shawl:)

Wish we had run into you more over the weekend!

anne marie in philly said...

BTW, dr. mel's legs...ahhhhhhhhh!

jim and laura and craig look great also (waves to all).

have a good time with the XRX guys!