Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's Blue-Faced Leicester Thursday!

Behold the Blue-Faced Leicester sheep!

Bred in England from longwool sheep, they get their name from their so-called blue face, meaning white hairs on black skin (no, it's not really blue-blue). They grow high-quality yarn, with nice luster and relatively long fibers. Photo credit: Blue-Faced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association of Great Britain.

I'm off to finish listing these Blue-Faced Leicester goodies:

a huge hank of Blue-Faced Leicester in shades of, well, blue, along with two smaller sportweight runs (good for socks and a little thicker than fingering weight so they'll knit up faster) and two batches of spinning top. If you're interested in some aran-weight Blue-Faced Leicester, shoot me an email and give me a sense for how much yardage you'd want. I might be able to order some.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's pretty. What are you doing to us?????

Mel said...

Thou foul temptress! I'm trying not to blow my NHSW budget before I get there. The cornflower merino arrived in the mail today, btw. It is truly lovely. Thank you, thank you.

Jeanne said...

I normally lurk, but had to unlurk when I looked at the yarn on Etsy. Wow - beautiful! I really want the DK weight Blue Faced Leicester (shades of blue) - really want it! But since I...ahem...extended my budget a bit at Maryland, I can't do it this month. Love your yarn...! I think I'll add a bit into next month's yarn budget!

Franklin said...

I think Blue-Faced Leicester is my favorite sheep breed name. It makes it sound like they've been out in the cold too long.

Are there Red-Faced Leicesters who embarrass easily?

Or Brown-Nosed Leicester's who are always kissing up to the shepherd?