Friday, September 01, 2006

One of the best gifts I've received. Ever.

Every once in a while, someone surprises you with a gift. These

were handknit by my dear friend Ed. Ed and I work together on Saturdays at Rosie's and we have so much fun (along with the third stooge, Tina) that sometimes I feel almost guilty about being paid. (Almost, Lisa.)

Anyway, one day, Ed and I had a rather strange conversation in which he tried to elicit my shoe size. His face dropped when I said "9 wide." Finally, he confessed that he was making me a pair of socks. These lovely ones.

I was touched beyond words.

As Lisa Myers says, "No one knits for the knitter." But Ed did. And I will always cherish these socks, not simply because they are beautifully made, by hand, and fit my feet so well, but because they came from Ed.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Carol, those are great socks. That's so special. Congrats.

Sherry W said...

Ed rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Ed is so cool and funny.
I love trading silly lines with him.
The socks are just the proverbial lagniappe.
Though they are indeed lovely.

Wear them on yer fat feet in happiness.

Charity said...

What a wonderful gift! How thoughtful and sweet :0) Enjoy!

Bridget said...

Beautiful socks!

Also - Tina = "third stooge" - hee!

jillian said...

Ed's one cool dude. Those are beautiful!

Norskybear said...

I always feel funny about giving a handknitted gift to people whose skills are far superior than mine. Now, thanks to you, I see that they really don't care how nice they look (although those socks are divine!), just that you took the time to knit something for them.

mindy said...

Wonderful socks. And its so true, noone does knit for knitters. Makes Ed a great guy in my book.

Anonymous said...

I met Ed only once but got the sense that he's a great guy-the socks support my gut feeling! They're beautiful.