Monday, September 17, 2007

The best laid plans....

So I had to (sniffle, sniffle) own the fact that I wasn't going to make it to FibreFest North this year. (Insert frowny-face emoticon here.) It was logistics that doomed me -- Wiarton is so damn far from me -- and my transportation plans fell through. It truly sucks that I won't be getting to spend time with Ted, or meet Mona, or get to say G-day to M-H, or get a big bear hug from Lars, or take a jacuzzi with the Knitting Curmudgeon.

I was especially looking forward to the jacuzzi part.

But as God as my witness, I AM going to Rhinebeck, and I am going to Stitches East. I've got hotel rooms booked for both, I've got wicked cool traveling companions lined up, and both events are within driving distance. See you there. Especially YOU, Anonymous L**** of the Blogless (for now) Knitterati.

Closer to home

My weekend plans took a little U-turn, too. I had planned to take Elvis to the Garden State Sheep Breeders festival on Saturday, which isn't too far from here -- and has the distinction of being the fiber festival where we were enticed to consider getting a pet bunny. Just as I returned from bringing Li'l Miss home from her first ballet lesson (gulp)

I was met at the door by Tom, briefcase and laptop in hand. Going into the office at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Feh. So the kids and I went to N.'s soccer game instead.

Which led to way too many encounters with Malibu Barbie moms (orange vinyl skin and white-yellow hair that never occurs in nature, at least not with black eyebrows), and their jocky stockbroker husbands (nearly always named "Jack," with ironed polo shirts and decidedly firm handshakes). Double feh.

So we had to postpone our trip to the sheep show 'til Sunday. I'm still trying to load some photos from there (I'm thinking my USB cable is on the fritz) and I'll try to post them tomorrow.

How could I have forgotten?

Crapola. I completely forgot Kristin Knits, Kristin Nicholas' new book which is coming out soon -- maybe around mid-October? Kristin has an exquisite eye for color and I've got some of her other books, like Kids' Embroidery: Projects for Kids of All Ages which is a great one (even though I haven't done that kind of stitchery in years). (I think I might add Colorful Stitchery
to my Christmas wish list -- hint, hint, Tom.) Rumor has it that there is a bitchin' interview of her in a forthcoming IK but I don't want to steal the author's thunder so I'll just tease you. Anyway, I've met Kristin briefly and she is extremely warm, down-to-earth and friendly, and add to that her multi-faceted talents and devotion to family, and you've got the kind of knitting designer I want to support whole-heartedly. So I'm sorry I forgot to put that one on the list and thanks for reminding me...


Anonymous said...

What?! No review of Romantic Knits:Many Overdone Designs To Embarrass You In Public?

Anonymous said...

awwwww, the kidlets are cute!

gotta hand it to the main line phonies; who the fuck irons a polo shirt, for chrissakes?

what ya wanna bet the orange vinyl skin wipes off with a tissue, and the white-yellow hair breaks off in clumps if ya grab it?

c ya on wednesday (pretty please)?

Bridget said...

Wow, a ballerina diva in the making - lots more pink,too, right?

Sorry your plans got messed up. I'm going to Stitches, but have never made it to Rhinebeck yet. Someday, I hope.

Wow, it sounds like a great social circle out near you. Kinda makes my Carol-hating husband look pretty good, huh???

Mona Schmidt said...

To quote from one of my favourtie movies: "I am quite put out." - Oh, Carol, that IS so disappointing that I won't get to meet you! *sniff*
Since I cannot leave the country until my new Permanent Resident card arrives, any Fiber fest or other is out of the question for me this year. (Bureaucracy - it always takes longer than they say.)
And thus concludes a very egocentric comment - 'cause I am sure your disappointment is far greater than mine, since I still get to go.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Thanks for mentioning my new book. I hope you (and some others!) will enjoy it. I'll see you at both Stitches (Baltimore) and Rhinebeck, I hope. Back to the sunflowers.

Sally said...

Ah yes, ballet. The Banana has begun ballet as well, but with gentle reminders beforehand to LISTEN to the teacher, not continually demonstrate the new steps the Banana made up since their last meeting.

Whatsamatta, you don't like artificial skin and hair? I encounter those same parents at the Banana's school, where I'm convinced you need to be blonde (natural or otherwise) to get in.