Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shore Shots: The Faux-Artsy Phase

Our time at the shore -- although, sadly, interrupted a little bit by some work obligations -- was a wonderful family time. We made a lot of good memories. I took a lot of photos, so here for your perusal is a selection:

The sky, taken from the beach

Egrets (I think) in the protected area

A welcoming bear

View from the beach chair, looking upward

Charming yellow house

Cape May Lighthouse

Lighthouse stairs, looking upward

Tom relaxes

Close-up of gingerbread trim from Victorian house

Taken from our spot on the beach

Only you can prevent forest fires

Hey - what's a camel doing on the Jersey shore?


Unknown said...

Camels aren't indiginous?

I love Cape May. Thaddeus and I used to spend a week down there every year when we were first together, and we have some wonderful memories.

It is one of the few places I can go and be assured to gain some level of serenity. Thanks for the photo montage.

Barbara-Kay said...

Thanks for the pics of Cape May. Yes, that's an egret - looks like the one in our lake here in Louisiana.

mindy said...

That camel was waiting for you to collect his down for some fabulous roving.

Beautiful pix- a nice moment of relaxation.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures; thanks for sharing.

Sherry W said...

What's with all the bears?

Anonymous said...

"Hey - what's a camel doing on the Jersey shore?"

he got washed ashore with all the toxic medical waste! that's why he's so small!

my favorite - the lighthouse steps.

thanks for sharing!

missed you last night!

Carol said...

There's my camel! I was looking everywhere for that thing! Great shots!

Jane said...

Ah, the world famous Cape May camel, I see. Thanks for the beautiful, and relaxing, photos!

Franklin said...

Oh, I did enjoy this. And needless to say I have a natural affinity for the camel shot, being a camel jockey myself.

You have an Eye, but we all knew that already.