Thursday, January 03, 2008

Starting out the New Year right

I put the kids on the school bus today -- not a moment too soon, for my sanity's sake -- so now it's time to get back to work. There's a new yarn blend soaking in the dyepots; it'll make its debut with the members of the BBF Sock Club, and then I'll add some to the Etsy shop later this month. I've got page proofs to review, and a new project simmering that I'll tell you more about later.

But first, if you haven't donated to Dr. Mel's Phoebe fund, please consider doing so. Mel is a vet in Maine and he treated a lovely dog named Phoebe who was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident, along with her owner (who was walking her). Mel and his colleagues have provided hundreds of dollars of veterinary care to Phoebe for free, but the costs of care are on-going and substantial, given how serious Phoebe's injuries were. Should donations exceed the costs of Phoebe's care, any extra will go to help another family with a deserving pet via the clinic's catastrophic care fund. Thank you for helping if you can!

On a completely different note, last night I was perusing my new Vogue Knitting, which arrived yesterday. I had to strap on the Depends after I read the "CyberStitches" column, in which the following appeared:
The six staffers who blog for Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia include industry insiders, authors and the force behind the indie yarn line Black
Bunny Fibers.
Can you believe it? Black Bunny Fibers made it to the pages of Vogue Knitting! Cheryl Krementz, if you're reading this, email me privately. I've got a hank of BBF yarn with your name on it.


Anonymous said...


I hope I get mine soon!


charlizeen on yahooooooooooo

mindy said...

Check you out- you're a force! Way to go!

(and thanks to you and all bloggers that are able to bring things- like Phoebe or Feed the Children etc- to our attention when we might not have heard of them otherwise)

Anonymous said...

Hoo baby! But I don't think any of your readers ever doubted that you'd hit the big time.
When your head gets so big it won't stay up on its own, be sure to pay someone grudgingly to hold it for you.

Bridget said...

Wow - a force! I'm surprised you are still willing to blog for regular folks like us ...

Carol said...

Bridget, dear, I think that's what they call "noblesse oblige."

Anonymous said...

Now I'll *never* get me some BBF!! Congratulations!

Marin (AntiM) said...

Honey, you didn't just make the pages of VK, you're a FORCE. How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Black Bunny Mama, you on fyah!!

That's so cool that I know you!

See you Saturday at the Knit and Nosh,