Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in business

The laundry-drying business, that is... after the replacement dryer (a mere two months old) broke down three (3! III! trois! tres! trei! drei!) times, we made them come and take it away and got a different one. This one seems much sturdier and has the added bonus of coming with Happy Dryer Man on the cover of the manual:

I feel better already...

If you are a man who knits, consider getting your squeezable heinie to the Men's Knitting Retreat, to be held this May in upstate New York-- and in New Zealand, with the fabulous Kiwi James... Rumor has it that they have wonderful prizes to give away, including a Faithful Companion Scarf kit from yours truly.

Speaking of which, I just uploaded a dozen or more skeins of Merino Silk Sock to the BBF website, the yarn that the Faithful Companion Scarf was originally knit in. I'm hoping to get the new luxury laceweight up this week also. You can also purchase hard copies of the pattern (free shipping if purchased alone) with the obligatory plastic sleeve if you are not a big PDF person.

The Winter KnitSimple preview is up here. Be sure to check out the black earflap cap by yours truly:

Last but not least, thank you for the many emails. I am slowly getting back in the swing of things and appreciate all of your kind words.

P.S. Don't forget to vote for me for a "Bobby" award on Ravelry for Best Handdyed or Handpainted Yarn! Go here to vote (she said shamelessly).


Thea said...

I love dryer man and that hat. And I voted.

Anonymous said...

Happy dryer man is so cute! (nice hat, too)(and of course I voted- I'm a walking talking BBF vote)

Barb B. said...

Everyone, you need some of that silk merino sock stuff! I am knitting with it right now (well not while I'm typing) and it is beyond belief lovely.
I voted. yesterday.
Love that hat!

Anonymous said...

Do tell what brand/model you sent packing. I'd like to avoid it myself.