Monday, January 25, 2010

A weekend with Vévé

Ah, what a wonderful weekend it's been! Instead of getting sad that I had to take Véronik to the airport this morning, I will tell you about some of the fun things we did during her whirlwind visit. After arriving Friday evening, we swept Véronik right from the baggage claim into Center City, where we had a lovely Thai dinner with Craig of Loop, Laura G. and some other friends. Veronik appeared at Loop on Saturday:

On display were many of the garments from the fall issue of St-Denis's magazine, including this lovely vest

and Mary Jane Mucklestone's beautiful jacket:

Craig had stocked up on plenty of the lovely Nordique yarn:

and best of all, we got a sneak preview of the new St-Denis yarn, called Boreale, which will be coming out very soon. It's a fingering weight and comes in the same lovely palette as Nordique. Veronik had brought a few of the garments that will be in the spring St-Denis magazine, like these stranded gauntlets, and underneath you can see another lovely stole:

And of course, so many great people came, like Anmiryam

and Lisa and Allison (I'm sorry your eyes are closed, Craig!!)

and this friendly group of NJ knitters (but can you guess which one is called "Gooey"? she sure didn't look gooey to me, she looked pretty):

and the Irish goddess herself, shown here hugging the Polish Princess:

I was having such a good time, I didn't even get to take photos of pals like Aileen or Laura or Jennifer (not Genyphur) or some of the nice new folks I met like Jenny and Terry or the Facebook friends I met in real life like Hope. . .

It appears that some people ended the afternoon by looking for hot men wearing knitwear on teh Interwebz:

By the coy little smile on Craig's face, I'm guessing they just found a particularly hawt model.

Sunday was brunch in New Hope with Joe (posing here with Tom)

les beaux mecs

and Kathy Merrick and Liza Lucy,

le baiser

who has a fantastic quilting book with Kaffe Fassett about to be released by Stewart Tabori & Chang.

We ogled the quilts and the fabric

and more amazing quilts

and two incredibly sweet dogs (this is Sadie):

But alas, even the best weekends must come to an end. Bon voyage, Véronik! Come back soon!


Lisa said...

First, I love that picture of you and Gitte! So jealous (perhaps a wee bit lazy, too, for I could trek down there once in a while). And I must admit to clawing desperately at the screen for those, I believe they were called gauntlets? Purr-worthy indeed.

Anonymous said...

no tongues

Unknown said...

Total blast seeing you guys...I realized other than Tom, I was the only one at brunch who hasn't had a book published.

It was an honor to be amongst authors (and Tom!).

Carol said...

But Jos, aren't you working on a book of knitted underwear for men?

Unknown said...

Nice, Liza. Oops. I mean Anonymous.

anne marie in philly said...

looks like I missed out on some fun times! ah well, perhaps another time...*waves* to bridget

Bridget said...

Anne Marie, I missed you! Will we ever meet again???

Wow you did have a jam-packed weekend with Veve, it looks like it was lots of fun. (I'm glad Tom got to join in the fun too. I'd feel bad to think he was at home, trying to hold back tears.)

I hope to see you again before so long, it's always so much fun.

P.S. My verification word is MATES. Ahhhh ...

Lisa said...

It was great seeing everyone and meeting your BFF...I feel a queue adjustment coming on :)

Amanda said...

Hi Carol, I see you were recently in New Hope, I love it there. I am an avid knitter, I grew up on the Jersey shore and am now back from living in Alaska for five years. Since you are somewhat local I am curious if you have any recommendations of yarn stores I should visit. It seems some of the ones I knew are now gone. Thanks for any help.


Barb B. said...

I envy you having all that Nordique at your fingertips. I am in love with that stuff.
Fingering weight you say? Soon you say? That is my favourite in the whole world yarn. How would it be for socks??
Now if only I can get an Edmonton store to stock it! Calgary is so dang far away, closest I've found so far. (Edmonton is 3 or 3 and 1/2 hours, but what's that to a knitter?)

poor said...

The quilts are very nice and lovely.The design very intricate and look wonderful in bright colors...they can be even spread as nice covers on the bed.

Craig said...

I easily convinced myself that my eyes aren't closed, they just appear that way because I'm smiling. Thank goodness I keep my eyes open when I'm ogling!

Thanks again for helping me with Veronik's visit. I wish we'd had more time to spend together.