Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To those of you who are Irish, or who merely like potatoes, I wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have a teeny, tiny bit of Irish blood in me, but you've got to go way back to a guy named Daniel Kinney, a great, great (repeat about 5 more times) grandfather of mine.

I enjoyed a lovely birthday yesterday and received two wonderful cards that I must share with you. The first is from my in-laws, and it totally cracked me up that some enterprising card manufacturer got this one out so quickly.

The inside says, of course, "Hope your birthday's a blast!"

The other was handmade by my oldest son.

He told me very proudly that he learned how to make pop-up cards in art class as school, thus making me feel infinitely better about the school tax bill sitting on the kitchen table. At least he's learning useful things.

In the meantime, here are some of the items I'm about to list on Etsy (here's the link): another plum roving, and two balls of wool/nylon sock yarn, one in greens and one in charcoal (there are also bits of brown that you can't see in the photo). In the picture is "Rosemary," a sheep objet d'art that my husband gave me (along with a Borders giftcard) for my birthday.

You wanted purple roving? Vivid green sock yarn? Sock yarn in colors good for guys? You got it. Any other druthers, email me and I'll do my best to oblige.

I leave you with this Black Bunny Fibers poll (if you don't care, then don't vote):

What kind of sock yarn would you most like to see offered?
All wool, fingering weight
Wool/nylon blend, fingering weight
All wool, DK weight
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Anonymous said...

What if we like all three?? What about rovings for socks? (wool/mohair blends- the mohair adds strength like the nylon) What if we like every kind of sock yarn????? Now, get to work!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lisa M. said...

Tiny little reference problem in your first sentence--you appear to be sending good wishes to those of us who resemble spuds as well as to those who are of Irish descent.

Although perhaps that was your intention.

Franklin said...

Aah! 41! Ooh!

It is evident from the excellent and pithy copy on the handmade birthday card that your offspring are inheriting Mama's quick wit.

Stacey said...

Do you have a link to your Esty site somewhere? I wanted to check out the "manly" sock yarn!

Carol said...

I just added one, but it's -- and thanks!

Franklin, I fear you are correct. And yes, my birthday was rather exiting.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, old thing. Here is a wee present.

Anonymous said...

No nylon fibers EVER!
All best,
Mommie Dearest

Anonymous said...

No socks, EVER.

Sherry W said...

I just ordered a spindle, maybe I'll have use for the roving soon.