Monday, June 12, 2006

Reader Challenge

Okay, I'm back, and while I catch my breath and try to sort out the sensory overload I experienced in Indianapolis, I will leave you with this Reader Challenge, based on my own personal observations, as I recall them:

The following list of items were worn by Rick Mondragon this weekend at TNNA. Can you figure out what his three outfits looked like? Hint: one item was worn two days. Tomorrow I shall describe the actual outfits and you can compare your predictions with the reality. Extra points if you can guess which outfit was which day (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).

  • 1 pr. tooled leather clogs with pointy toes, gray (imagine cowboy boots without the back or high leg)

  • 1 pr. tooled leather clogs with pointy toes, beige (ditto)

  • 1 pr black pointy-toed shoes of indeterminate style (what can I say? I was tired. I have Lyme disease, you know.)

  • white or cream-colored jeans

  • pastel sweater top (I think pink but I might be wrong on that; see Lyme disease comment above)

  • turquoise and raincoat-yellow square shoulder bag (some might say "purse," but not I, since Go Knit In Your Hat is wont to take the high road at all times. Besides, who says men can't carry purses?)

  • white collared shirt

  • black-and-white tweed jacket (if I were cruel, I'd add that it was ill-fitting. Good thing I'm not.)

  • black jeans with Asian-influenced dragon or snake style motif appliqued down one leg

  • brown collared shirt

  • Kureyon vest made with vertical stripes made using different balls intarsia-style

  • 1 pr dark slacks

  • watch with some kind of drawing or figure on the face (couldn't get close enough to see without violating the restraining order)

Have at it, dear ones! I missed you.


Unknown said...

Restraining you'd let that stop you. I remember your antics with Marilyn and posing for pictures that you weren't even go to be the subject of.

Welcome home, Franklin's blog missed you.

Anonymous said...

sounds like rick has gotten conservative since i saw him last. he was wearing hot pink slides and leather pants, then.
restraining order-heh!

rene said...

Sounds like your track suit with the fun fur poncho were relatively tame. Hope you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

My eyes hurt just trying to picture it. I think I'll stop.

doloreshaze said...

Nice to know that SOMEONE is keeping the fine folks at International Male afloat.

Anonymous said...

How funny! Rick was on an old episode of Shay Pendray today on PBS and his outfit was quite conservative...I had no idea that he liked wild things! Mary Lou, blogless lurker

Anonymous said...

Answer: He wore them all at once, which is hard to do with that many shoes. It does make you taller, though.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh, pin the tail on the paperdolls - how fun!

#1 - gray clogs, Kureyon vest and brown collared shirt, dark slacks

#2 - beige clogs, white/cream colored jeans, pastel top

#3 - black pointy-toed shoes, black jeans, white collared shirt, black adn white tweed jacket and the shoulder bag

Anonymous said...

Friday - dark slacks, brown shirt, pastel sweater top, beige clogs, shoulder bag.

Saturday - black jeans with dragon, white shirt, Kureyon vest, grey clogs.

Sunday - black/white tweed jacket, white shirt, white jeans, black pointy shoes.

All 3 days - watch.

What is the prize for whomever comes close to guessing the correct day/outfit? Aw, who needs a prize; the fun is in (as kat said) pinning the tail on the dragon.

anne marie in philly
(another blogless human)

PS - word verification is "ovleorod"; reminds me of "overlord" which reminds me of "evil" which reminds me of the dragon!