Friday, July 06, 2007

Blog Contest Winners -- part 1

Holy crap. I did not expect the robust response I had to my first real Go Knit In Your Hat contest: something like 60+ suggested cards. Nor did I expect to hit such a chord with so many people. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone. Because there were so many good ones -- and it was hard to choose, believe me -- I've decided to pick winners in various categories. I've used only the initials of the winners, to reduce the chance that you'll be tracked down by a bitter Hallmark employee. Today's entries are in the Romantic Relationship category. Well, allegedly romantic.

Prize goes to M. for this lovely anniversary card:
Outside: Happy anniversary to the man who taught me the meaning of true love
Inside: Now could you please go away so that I can find it?

M. wins a copy of Handknit Holidays, by Melanie Falick.

The runners-up (sorry, no prizes for runners-up) are:

(outside): Sorry to hear that your relationship is not working out...
(inside): You can go wank yourself. I am not your sexual backup plan.
by D.P.

(outside): To my dearest one, it's Valentine's Day
(inside): And sleeping with you has turned me quite gay!
by KnitWit

(outside): Happy birthday to the man who made me everything I am today...
(inside): Including, apparently, syphillitic.
by Rabbitch (who, it must be said, is not syphillitic.) (Anymore.)


(outside): Best friends forever (with a sepia-toned photo of two little girls wearing floppy straw hats in a field of flowers)
(inside): I guess forever doesn't last as long as it used to. Thanks for stealing my husband; now you're stuck with him!
by C. in Oregon

which puts me in mind of one I'd like to send to someone I know on behalf of a dear friend:
(outside): Congratulations on your marriage to my adultering ex-husband!
(inside): I'm sure he'll be different with you.

Stay tuned, my pretties: more winners are coming tomorrow, including the exceptionally popular Dysfunctional Parent category...


V said...

Heehee...those need some publishing. Shoebox my arse...

Aponia said...

Not the same thing as what you are doing, but in the same "here's a card screw you" vein...

Everyone should be so cynical..

Ann said...

Now those are some cards I'd spend some money on!

Carol said...

I only wish these were really going into print. With Rabbitch in the race we don't stand a chance;)

Anonymous said...

"I only wish these were really going into print."

There's always Cafe-Press... :-)

Anonymous said...

This is fun :)

mindy said...

Love it- you've really started something!