Monday, June 02, 2008

Don't forget: KSF Blog Tour starts today!

While the clematis bloomed

I have been busy writing blog entries for the Knit So Fine/Skinny Yarns blog tour!

Fourteen consecutive days -- fourteen blogs for you to meet (or revisit if they are already old friends).

Some of the entries will be written by me, but my wonderful co-authors, Lisa and Laura, will also be writing some posts so you don't get sick of me yammering on for two straight weeks.

Each day will take a peek at one of the skinny yarns we used in the book, and other inside details about the creating of the patterns, or interview questions supplied by the bloggers, extra photos, reviews of the book by the bloggers, and so on.

Today we start with Andrea of The Fiber Forum, and look at one of my all-time favorite skinny yarns: Zitron's Trekking XXL. So head on over there and check it out.

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Sherry W said...

Good luck 'on' the tour!