Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy anniversary to Ewe (and I)!

Yesterday was my booksigning at Ewe and I, a lovely (and huge!) knitting shop which one year ago came under new ownership and moved from Bryn Mawr to Narberth. If you've never been to Narberth, it is a suburb on the Main Line that has managed to retain a very un-snobby (especially for the Main Line) small town feel. It has an old-fashioned main street

with the greatest hardware store (not a chain, thank you!) and an amazing cheese shop and now it even has a fabric shop and, of course, a fabulous knitting shop. Everything is walkable in Narberth and it's a very friendly place. (I used to live there in my single days...)

Ewe and I was celebrating its first anniversary at its Narberth location. Before that, the shop was located in Bryn Mawr, but now it's bigger and better and has lots more gorgeous yarn, stuff like Rowan, and Blue Sky Alpacas and Cascade and Berroco and Noro and more. . .

We had a wonderful time, and I got to see Anmiryam (oh God, I hope I spelled your name right finally) who is modeling a very nice Noro sweater she made:

My friend Joann came and I got to meet Helen and Ilana (this is Ilana -- she's a riot, you'd love her)

and there was chocolate cake. I will definitely be returning soon to Ewe and I (even if the cake is all gone).

(This is me and Diana, the nice owner lady.)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great time. One day I'll have to pop up for a yarn crawl.

(my word ver. was dount- so close to donut. sigh. now i want one)