Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gigantic phallic symbol, anyone?

I guess you know where we are now, eh?

Now in the way of kids everywhere, the Unholy Three have decided it's time to go swimming in the indoor hotel pool. (I told Tom we could just go stay at a hotel in Lower East Bumfuck so long as it had an indoor pool, and the kids wouldn't care...)

More later.


anne marie in philly said...

ya hit the nail on the head there, girlfriend.

oooh oooh oooh, are you going to meet up with wendy johnson whilst you are down there?

or how about michael del vecchio?

damn, if I were still living down there, you could have visited ME!

have a nice time, ms. tourist!

Carol said...

This is a strictly family-only vacation... and since we're only staying two nights, not very much time. I'm sad as I would love to hear all the inside poop on Wendy's new sock book, which I have on good authority is fabulous!

Don't know Tricky Tricot that well, but would be happy to hang with him another time!

You will see how serious I am about this family-only as I am not visiting any yarn shops!

Janice in GA said...

"An erection suitable for a parade ground." -- Sheri Tepper


Carol said...

Are you going to try and see the new White House veg garden?

Bridget said...

We used to be able to see the Monument from our bathroom window in our apartment. Tim always said it was inspiring ...

Enjoy your trip, DC can really be a lot of fun!

Ali P said...

I hear Boston is called Bean Town...maybe you could cal this place "Peentown"...heheheheh

Anonymous said...

That's really all they need. That and a Domino's Pizza (since we don't get delivery out here).