Sunday, March 28, 2010

New roving blend: 75% BFL/25% silk

On Friday morning, I updated the BBF shop with a spectacular new roving blend: 75% blue-faced leicester wool/25% silk.

Lotus: soft dreamy sages and pale blue-green

The batches are around 4 oz. and believe me, when I say that they are so soft and luscious, I am trying really, really hard not to grab one and start spinning it myself.

Firecracker: red, gold, orange and a hint of olive

This week, I'm hoping to dye some more of the Stella Sock, which by accounts is a lovely and soft yarn to work with... and there are some more new bases on the horizon, just to keep things interesting!

Plum Blossom: mauve-wine with some sage


Craig said...

That firecracker is beautiful!

La Duchesse said...


Heidi said...

Love the Plum Blossom-wish I knew how to spin.

Knitting Bee said...

Seeing these makes me want to spin!! beautiful colors, especially that second one!

Anonymous said...

Must. Spin.

(i can personally vouch for the wonderfulness that is Stella Sock- get to dyeing)