Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last Rhinebeck Post (maybe)

On Sunday, after the crowds moderated, I wandered around the show and took photos of whatever appealed to my aesthetic sense. So today's Rhinebeck reminiscence takes the artistic approach (with the emphasis on, of course, the fibrous).

First up, a close-up of some ribbon-winning lace:

Section of a colorful woven piece:

Nice sock, nice legs, nice kilt. (sigh)

I really liked this crocheted shawl, which used striking swirl motifs:

I was impressed by the landscaping at the fairgrounds; there were plenty of perennials and foliage plants that were well-tended and provided lots of color, even this late in the season.

Another beautiful lace shawl:

Pepperman (get out those Crest White-Strips, dude):

Woven fabric from prizewinners' display:

Section of prize-winning sweater, made from handspun:

Traffic-stopping chapeau:

Love those eyelashes.

Ah, to be four years old and dressed like a pumpkin...(stay away from the chuckin', my little friend)...

Close-up of The Harlot's Kauni sweater, which is absolutely gorgeous:

Gratuitous foliage shot.

Ribbon-winning lace display; I tried to get the judge's comments (on the white tag) in the shot. If you can zoom in close enough to read them, you will get a flavor for the judging process.

Skein of handspun boucle from the prizewinner's display. Now that I've been spinning, I can appreciate the difficulty of getting the boucle to look even and consistent like that.

Close-up of my Black Bunny socks, which performed admirably, notwithstanding my hairy shins.

The yoke from a knitter's rendition of Eunny's recent design from IK:

And with this last butt shot for Lars, it appears I have reached the end of my Rhinebeck tail...

See you next year.


mindy said...

(sigh) I miss it already.

Persnickety Knitter said...

I loved that crocheted shawl but I didn't think to get a picture of it (bad blogger). I'm glad you posted a picture of it.

Marlena said...

I was also taken by that crochet shawl. I saw a few stunning, fine gauge crochet projects walking around, too. Rhinebeck has totally changed my view of crochet.

Bridget said...

Nice photos!

I'm glad you reached the end of your tale without making as ass of yourself ... (I'm here all week, people, tell your friends) ...

Carol said...

I thought the gardening was excellent too. More thought put into it than I would have imagined. Wish I had thought to take some photos. Next year!

Cheryl S. said...

I am reminded of a phrase I once heard - "There's nothing more manly than a manly man in a kilt". Yum, that's what I say.

Big Alice said...

I'm fascinated with that first lace picture. The way it's patterned overall (and not hiding the increases in stockinette) is very interesting.
Also, now I kinda wish I could weave.

Thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing for me about Rhinebeck was that I only bought six skeins of yarn, all from the same vendor.

Carol said...

That's because you left too soon. I didn't spend nearly enough time with you.

But I am SO glad you've been telling me to go to Morehouse b/c I finally got there and I was glad I did, seeing as they're closing the retail shop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Great seeing you again; it's always a blast! Rhinebeck is the best for fiber, friends and (certainly not food, although my alliterative mind went there), farm animals and fun!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, yerself, but dinner at the Culinary Institute beckoned. As did sitting around the Axe Murderer's kitchen table and knitting/crocheting.

And getting away from those damnable folk behind their behemoth strollers.

BadCatDesigns said...

A friend sent me the link to your blog, because she recognized my lace. If any of your readers want to know more about several of the items you photographed (two of the lace knitting pieces, the weaving and the crocheted piece,) they can look at my Rhinebeck post. I have wider shots of the same pieces, and tell you a little about them. There is also an entire set of posts that include the lace charts for my Veil of Isis design, which is the first photo in your post:
Knit on!

Carol said...

What a great recap, i feel like got a great tour of Rhinebeck.