Saturday, October 13, 2007

Plotzing at Stitches

I am sitting in my hotel room, sipping freshly-made coffee out of a Dolores van Hoofen mug (Mindy rocks!), about to eat a kick-ass donut from the wilds of Virginia, chock full of Quebecois curses ("Tabernacle!") and knitting industry gossip, and ready to continue knitting my garish Elvis socks

while leafing through the Stitches East program to decide where I will start my shopping today.

Life is good.

Very, very good.

P.S. Don't forget: Vé-Vé will be signing her book at the Rosie's booth at 2:00 today so stop by and say "Bong-joor!"


Kathleen Dames said...

Oh, the envy! Hope your drive with Vé-Vé was fun and that you get a good haul at the marketplace. I'm setting my sites on next year when I'm back on the East Coast.

deirdre said...

Sounds wonderful - but how was the drive?? Are you now soul-mates???

Carol said...

We cut our pinkies with a Clover pendant yarn-cutter and swore a blood oath: "Liberté, egalité, tricoté".

Good thing I had duct tape in the glove compartment. (;

Carol said...

I have no room to be jealous having just returned from the Knitting Show in London but.... I am. Would kill for a signed copy of Kaffe's book. And Martin Storey's as well. The new book's designs were in a fashion show and totally sold me!

Carol said...

My post card to you:

Wish I were there.

Bridget said...

Well, you certainly were proud of yourself when I saw you today ... and I don't blame you! Veronik seems really nice ... but I would sure love to hear her version of events too. ;-)

But I guess it's because I've been demoted from one of your BFFs to just an F. Sigh.

Carol said...

are you due for a pain pill now?

p.s. your bandage stinks. why don't you wash it?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was "Tabarnak!!!"

"Tabernacle" is something else.

But then, I'm an Anglo-Canadian, so perhaps there is something I don't know.

Franklin said...

Dearest, be careful of the those wild Virginia doughnuts. There are a few strains that can cause hallucinations, tremors, uncontrollable urges, etc.

The domesticated varieties are far safer for consumption, if not as deeply flavored.

PS Mindy shops retail! We love Mindy!

mindy said...

Not to worry, Franklin. While these donuts did originate in the wilds of VA, the 100+ years this bakery has been around has managed to domesticate them- though it is a protective law that anyone who operates this bakery uses the original wild recipe. Which, now that I think about it, may actually include lard... Ah, who cares- these have been on my "happy food" list since I was old enough to chew.