Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rheinbech [sic]* Report

As my friend and traveling companion Jim so aptly noted, "It's a holy day of obligation for knitters." Or maybe it's the Holy Grail for Knitters: Rhinebeck.

I remember hearing the name invoked by other knitters and being sort of blase about it. I'd gone to Maryland Sheep & Wool, I'd been going to Stitches, so what was the big deal about one more fiber festival?

But there is something about Rhinebeck.

I suspected it was the crisp fall weather (the thing I hate about Maryland S&W is that it's usually hot and summer-like) but this weekend was pretty warm and sunny, and it was still something special. Maybe it's a slightly different mix of vendors -- more farms and less novelty yarn -- or maybe it's a slightly different mix of attendees -- more intense knitters? more spinners? -- but whatever the reason, there is something about Rhinebeck.

Maybe it's the barfing pumpkins.

Full report tomorrow...

*My oldest kid sent me the cutest email asking how I liked "Rheinbech." Pretty good spelling guess for a 9 year-old.


Anonymous said...

maybe it depends upon which side of the Mason Dixon line one is on? (really.) {she says as one who has resided on both sides for many years each)


charlizeen on yahooooooooooooo

Carol said...

I have to say that I don't really know what that means. I spent a good part of the weekend with someone born and bred in Virginia and she loved it as much as I do.

Carol said...

Oh no! I missed seeing you. I was only there on Saturday between about noon-5pm and spent a lot of time in queues for purchasing... Hope you had a good time!

Erin Taylor said...

Nice to see you on Sat!

Bridget said...

Some day, I would really like to go. It sounds like it's so great.