Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breaking news

It's official: this week, Classic Elite announced that Pam Allen is stepping down as Creative Director, and Susan Mills is stepping in. I'm very sad that Pam is leaving, as I adore the mark she has made at Classic Elite -- such gorgeous sweaters, beautiful photography, lovely yarns -- but given Susan's impeccable credentials (most recently, she was with Nashua/Rowan/Westminster Fibers, and she began her career in the yarn industry at Classic Elite) we have every reason to look forward to seeing the direction that Susan takes. Good luck, Pam -- please keep us posted on what you're doing next (perhaps a book (she said hopefully)? or just taking a break so you can flood the world with more gorgeous designs?). And best of luck to Susan (you keep us posted, too)!

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Unknown said...

Agreed, re Pam Allen. I really like her sensibility. I heard her on a podcast interview some time ago and really liked how open, honest and down to earth she was.

I also love your blog. I generally don't comment, but I now only read about 5 blogs (and 2 of those are good friends). I particularly would like to thank you for your book reviews.

And of course, my deepest condolences on your recent loss. I wish there were something I could do to make it easier.

Thanks for writing such a great blog.