Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter preparations

Perceptive reader Mel notes that I have sold my 666th item on the Black Bunny Etsy shop. Just in time for Easter, eh, Mel? I may have to do some devilish color names in my next update... *

Speaking of Easter, a couple of days ago, we did the annual Easter egg-dyeing extravaganza.

The kids had a blast, as you can see.

Although I felt a great deal of pressure this year to turn out some spectacular eggs, being a hand-dyer and all, this was the best I could do:

In the meantime, Charcoal worked on redecorating his pen. He feels very strongly that he is entitled to his own bay window. His pen starts out looking like this:

and by the end of the day, he has completed the renovation.

It's quite funny; if we have the temerity to push the pen back in, a little while later you will hear clunking noises and when you return to the kitchen, he's got the bay window back again.

A most superlative bunny, who wishes you and yours a Happy Easter, Blessed Passover or enjoyable whatever else you do or don't celebrate!

*Religious readers may rest assured that I am a perfectly harmless, non-Devil-worshipping Episcopalian.


Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I've changed my mind. That J. has a lovely smile.
Or is he just tolerating his freaky mom?
I know that look.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock that 70s linoleum! I have that exact stuff in my master bath, where it looks right at home with the harvest gold tub, toilet, and vanity top. I looked long and hard to find wallpaper that would coordinate with that color -- harvest gold was pretty rare in the wallpaper book samples in 1997 when I did it.

And yes, the house was built in 1976; when we bought it in 1990 as a lake cottage it had very little wear so there was no justification for redecorating. Now there is justification but no $$$. Such is life.

mindy said...

Puff says Happy Bunny Day right back at ya. And right on to Charcoal at his extraordinary home improvement skills.

we're doing eggs today- help.

Carol said...

You got that one right, Kathy, they already know to humor the crazy lady and no one gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

Love your yarny egg!! My boys are in their 20's but I'm dyeing eggs anyway! Love eating colored hardboiled eggs!! Just opening the fridge and seeing them sitting their looks happy!

Rabbitch said...



Um, I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm tired. Shut up.

Happy day to you and yours.

Liz K. said...

Hopefully, the kids will not want you to apply your color sense and jacquard dyes to their hair some day...

Anonymous said...

I can't blam Charcoal for wanting a view--it's what every rabbit deserves.


Carol said...

Believe me, he gets to climb all over the living room furniture and look out the real bay window -- but only when we're around to supervise him. He is just a frustrated interior designer. He loves to move around his bed and his litter box and his toys, too.