Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Book Report

Okay, this was a slow month for me. The only thing I read was Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafisi. This was an interesting counterpart to the Maureen Corrigan memoir: both analyze their lives by reference to beloved books. But Nafisi's story is set against the backdrop of post-Shah Iran. I found myself getting truly outraged at the constant hardships faced by the Irani people, in particular women, at the hands of the totalitarian Islamist regime. And now that there are more Western captives being held by Iran, this book makes me even more sad and outraged.

Princess....Four Eyes?

This week's Kute Kiddy award goes to G., Miss Thing herself, who was recently awarded this lovely pair of Disney Princess eyewear due to a raging case of astigmatism.

The pink plastic purse/carrying case softened the blow a great deal.


Liz K. said...

I just checked out RLiT last week from the library. As soon as I finish my current book, I'm ready to jump in. We'll have to chat about it over coffee.

Faith said...

Those are super glasses! When I was her age, I got pink plastic frames and felt like such a doofus until a second grader said they were awesome. Feel free to tell her that some knitting stranger thinks they are great.

Carrie said...

What a cute little girl! I like her glasses. She looks very sweet. I used to read a lot about Islam, but not so much now that the kids have me running. Following the crazy world with interest from my little corner, though. =/

Bridget said...

That's one of the books on my "To Read" list. I think I'll need to be in a certain frame of mind for it, though ...

Tell G. that her glasses are quite pretty, and that many great people (ahem!) have astigmatism.

Anonymous said...

This G. is so lovely it takes my breath away.
Can I have her?
Tell her I am very good at baking cakes and pies and cookies.
I have nice swings in my new backyard.
I will even let her eat frenchfries.

Anonymous said...

We discovered our daughter had an astigmatism at the age of 12. Now at the age of 21 she loves to shop for glasses and her nick name is eggball (with one eye shaped like an egg and the last name Ball, what else could she be!)
Miss Thing looks very cool, think of all those great glasses to try on!

Carol said...

Dear Ms. Merrick:
I am sorry, I could never part with her. She is just too dear.
But she would lerve to call you "Aunt Kathy". And come to play sometimes.

Unknown said...


I fell apart when confronted with the seductive nature of pink polka dot socks.

Had to read it over again several times.

Lola said...

She's fortunate enough to be living nowdays, with technology that can make good eyeglasses with thin lenses and still be able to handle the strong prescription. When I was her age, I had to wear thick eyeglasses with plastic frames that were very, very heavy and caused me to have headaches sometimes. And of course, I was called four-eyes.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Ooooohhh, how my daughter would love to have you for a mom. She started wearing glasses at 3 and it took until she was 7 and her dad took her to the eye doctor til she landed a pair of purple Barbie glasses. What a hero he was. I had her in little round oval gold ones for years.

Little girls in glasses are so cute! Thank goodness she got help early.

rho said...

I wish my glasses lookd as super as hers do!! I love them!