Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday catch-up

Let's start out the week with an excellent piece of good news: Véronik Avery, one of my favorite designers, has a book coming out this fall. When I say that I am going straight to Amazon to pre-order Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion's Archives, I am not kidding. The book is scheduled for release this fall.

As my elegant grandmother would have said, I am about as happy as a pig in shit.

The Indifferent Outfielder

Saturday was opening day for my oldest kid's Little League. Here, the indifferent outfielder ("was I supposed to chase after that?") gets ready to bat.

There was, however, an outfielder more apathetic than my kid:

Tomorrow, the poor kid gets dental surgery to remove a baby tooth that never came in. The orthodontist said that in 30 years of practicing, he'd only seen 2 other cases like this one. Batten down the hatches and Atavan for everyone! (especially me)

Fun Brunch

Sunday, I met up with Joe, Marilyn, Marilyn's bad-ass granddaughter Liz,

and blogless crochet goddess Kathy for brunch in Stockton, NJ. Much fun was had.

Sadly, I had to crop Kathy out of that photo because my poor photographic skills could not adequately capture her beauty.

Joe was working on a kick-ass rendition of the Boteh Scarf, featured in this month's Interweave Crochet and designed by Kathy.

Just for M-H

At least the twins' preschool is part of the global community. Last week was devoted to studying countries around the world. Friday, in particular, introduced our Aussie friends.

However, I do not believe the picky eaters consumed any Vegamite. G'day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for the tip on VA's new book. Have you seen Runway Knits yet? I'm curious about that one. Hope that the tooth extraction goes ok. Definitely Unfun.

Carol said...

Ooh, Allison, that's my next review.

Anonymous said...

fabu pix!

everyone looks so happy to be together. QJ has some fabu pix too!

have a good week (after the surgery).

Sonya said...

Good luck on the dental visit. I really hope it goes well. A bad experience can turn him against the dentist for the rest of his life.

mindy said...

I'll be looking up that book next- thanks!

He looks like a happy little leaguer. Hope everything goes well for him tomorrow- I'll be thinking about him (and you- be strong, Mom)

Anonymous said...

Hemispherism. Haha.
Appropriate since you so callously mentioned baseball, which is clearly a seasonal game.

Thanks for not using my photo.
I live in constant fear.

Carol said...

Maybe he should be taking cricket lessons?

Anonymous said...

I am a Véronik Avery fan too, thanks for the heads up.

My son, now ten, had oral surgery for the same reason when he was around 5 (maybe younger?). I was a wreck, but he came through it with flying colors. It was amazingly easy for him. I hope your daughter's experience is just as smooth!

M-H said...

Hooray for the green, blue, purple and white, er, red white, yellow and blue, er... Sling another shrimp on the barie, darl. 'Roo burger anyone? But seriously, I'm glad to see that the kids are learning some important stuff. :)

Unknown said...

I want a 'roo burger. It has to beat a Big Mac, for sure. I'll eat anything, especially something interesting. Great job on the flag--clearly, someone has inherited his mother's color sense.

That's excellent news about Veronik's book. She's one of my very favorites.

And I'm addicted to that damned top, C. Can't stop spinning it. Mwah!