Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Make mine chocolate

I have the feeling I don't have to mention this to my readers -- your comments suggest that you are definitely on the animals-are-family-members part of the spectrum -- but since it's nearly Easter, it's worth bringing up. Please, please don't give live animals, like bunnies or chicks, on Easter. Little cute animals have this habit of growing up into adult animals who need lots of care, and sadly, many animal shelters find that they are inundated with teenaged bunnies and hens in the weeks and months following Easter. People also dump half-grown animals into the wild, where the bunnies are not prepared to cope with the challenges and often meet a nasty end. If you are thinking about adopting a bun, then stop by the Make Mine Chocolate website for some practical information about owning a bun.

No live animals -- only chocolate ones this Easter!

Birthday wishes

Two of my favorite guys in the whole world are born in the first few days of April. My dear husband celebrated his birthday yesterday, and the blogosphere's own Queer Joe celebrates his today. My beloved husband doesn't have a blog you can visit, but make sure you go to Joe's and wish him happy birthday. He's a hits ho. (And tell him I said he needs to study the color wheel, too.)

Philly area knitters

Did you know there's a Yahoo group devoted to knitting in Philadelphia? It's been slow lately, and some members have expressed a desire to turn the list into a more active place. So join, post, add links and whatnot. There is certainly a vibrant enough fiber community around here to support some whatnot, don't you think?

Black Bunny mailing list/group

And last, I've started a Yahoo group to serve as a sort of newsletter to inform knitters and spinners (and crocheters, too) of updates as they are scheduled. If you want me to add you, please email me (contact info is in sidebar). No spam, no constant questions that could be answered by a quick Google search, just reminder emails about coming updates.


Mac said...

Ask and ye shall receive and all that - I joined the Philly knitters group. I had no idea it even existed, so thanks for pointing it out.

Bridget said...

Good post, Carol! (Well, they all are, but this one was important too.)

I think that Charcoal would be proud of you.

I will get myself to send a note to the PhillyKnitters list. I think it is a good idea, and as you point out, there are many knitters in the area!

P.S. Happy Birthday,Carol's husband!

Bridget said...

P.S. I did wish Joe a happy birthday. And I will sign up for the Etsy list. Anything else you need from me??? Blood??


mindy said...

Happy b-day T! Headin' over to Joe's.
Good point about cute little spring animals. I read the saddest poem once about a bunny that was an Easter present who ended up ignored in an outdoor hutch, then finally released in the wild. It was called "I Can't Remember My Name"- it was a hard one to forget, but yea, the responsibility doesn't end when the novelty does. Thanks for bringing it up!

Sally said...

Hey Carol, thanks for the heads-up regarding the Easter animals. And I joined the Yahoo! Philadelphia knitting group, so thanks for that too. I love the community that comes with knitting.