Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something on your mind?

If you've ever wondered what the big deal is about charts, you'll want to check out my article about knitting charts in the new Vogue Knitting. Subscribers are getting theirs now, and I believe the issue goes on sale this coming week.

Which brings me to my question for you: since I am in the fortunate position of being able to pitch knitting- and fiber-related articles to magazines, are there any topics that you have been wishing someone like me would write about? Send me an email using the "We never talk" link over in the right-hand margin with topics you'd like to hear about. They can be technical topics, or more general ones. I can't guarantee anything, but as they say, "You don't ask -- you don't get."

While we are on the subject of VK, one thing that you can always depend upon with VK are knitting designs that get people talking. There are some beautiful garments in this issue that I would love to make, like this pretty hat

Fair Isle Hat by Sheila Joynes

a short-sleeve fair isle tunic

Fair Isle Tunic by Yoko Hatta

and the cover cabled sweater:

Cabled Sweater by Yoko Hatta

Add to that list some of the lovely designs knit by GKIYH pals like Kathy Merrick

Banded Turtleneck by Kathy Merrick

and cool knee-highs that I wish I had the gams to wear by BarbBrown:

Stranded Socks by Barb Brown

as well as some other stuff that isn't my personal style but is technically interesting or fashion-forward. I've found in my old age that when you've been looking at knitting patterns for a while, some of the more traditional designs start to seem samey, and I am much more receptive to knitted items that are more trendy or cutting edge (or require a stick-like figure that I, alas, can only dream of). I might not ever make them, but they get me thinking.

In other news, I've been dyeing like a fiend the past two weeks to get ready for fall. This benefits you, the lover of quality handdyed yarns, in two ways: you will find some great deals on odds and ends that I've listed on the website in order to clear out discontinued base yarns and so on. Like grab bags of mill ends, in both sport/DK and fingering weight:

fingering-wt. grab bag

and I've started to add some new base yarns, particularly in sweater quantity. I've added a gorgeous DK-weight half-merino, half-silk blend, with batches of 1800+ yards, perfect for a trans-seasonal sweater.

I've also got a suri alpaca/merino worsted weight

and another 1600-yd batch of aran weight superwash merino -- this stuff is really nice, soft and cushy.

With introductory pricing and free shipping, you just might want to treat yourself! Link is here. (Thanks, Pork with Bones!)

I'm going to taking a week away from the dyeing pots to spend some time with the family, but I'll be checking in on-line. This does mean that orders placed from noon today until Friday, Aug. 27th, will ship on the 28th.


Grenadine Girl said...

Wow Carol,

These are gorgeous yarns!!! I'm totally going to mention this on my blog :).

As for possible knitting article ideas, I've got more of them than I can shake a stick at.

I would love to see a study of how long it takes for the knitting industry to catch up with what's going on with the runways. What's the process? Does VK see the runway and then create themes? They should totally do a behind the scenes feature.

Pork with Bones said...

Carol, you may wish to do yourself a favour and put a link to your store in the body of this post. I don't imagine I'm the only one who views your blog with a feed reader, and would appreciate a direct link to check out the offerings you mention.

Mel said...

Rabbitch and I were discussing the designs in this article and that Fair Isle hat was the first one that caught my eye, too. I liked all the FI designs, actually, though when I'd ever actually find the time to make them is a huge mystery.