Friday, October 23, 2009

In which Carol ogles a kilted man, sees lots of furry cuteness and blubbers like a baby

Day 2 of Rhinebeck dawned much grayer, although by the time we checked out of our hotel and headed for the fairground, it still wasn't actually raining. We only had a few hours to spend before our drive home, so we got to work right away. I started out by paying my annual pilgrimage to Dr. Mel and his handsome husband David, at Red Maple Sportswear.

While there are many, many reasons to go visit them -- gorgeous sportswear made from alpaca and other natural fibers! a disco ball! --

the top reason for me has to be Mel in a kilt.

'Nuff said.

By the time the drizzle started, I had seen Jody (of Knotions fame), Kristy and Christy:

Barb (posing here with Mindy):

some BBF customers (hi, Connie!) and all the other folks whose photos I forgot to take. Of course, there were lots of adorable fiber animals, like this alpaca

the obligatory goat shot for Mindy:

and sheep!

Including a parade of sheep wearing jackets!

Even two ducks

and a kangaroo.

By the time we had to leave, I was so sad at having to say goodbye to my pals that I got all choked up. But at least I have this photo of Veve and I to keep under my pillow.

When I got home, I realized there were a bunch of people I didn't get to see -- Lars, Lorraine, Kristin N., Lymie Melissa, etc. -- but there's always next year, right?

P.S. Next week at BBF: border leicester/mohair/silk blend roving....


Mel said...

Yet another year in which you've failed to introduce me to VéVé. Compartmentalize much?

You've definitely got the raciest photo of me in kilt, though. You do realize that you saw very few of those when I started wearing mine a few years back. They're getting to be a more common sight, and I'm hoping to keep that trend going.

Janice in GA said...

Can I just say that saying "Ogles a kilted man, sees lots of furry cuteness..." together in a sentence made me laugh?


anne marie in philly said...

dr. mel in kilt - yummy yum!

sheep in jackets - (guffaw)

veve - vive la france!

ah well, there is always next year for me (a rhinebeck virgin)...

Lisa said...

How did I miss a kangaroo and a disco ball? As you said, next year!

Anonymous said...

Mel does rock the kilt, doesn't he? I don't know how he managed to stay warm though!

Anonymous said...

You didn't see me either :( But I did see Dr. Mel in his kilt and David :)

Alwen said...

You didn't mention in a kilt on a stool!


Barb said...

Mindy! We're famous! :-) I'm so glad I finally got a chance to meet you, Carol. Come to Corning!

fiberninja said...

Boo hoo, sorry I didn't do to the diner Saturday, I had to drive to DC to catch a plane on Sunday!! I'll let you know when I'm in Philly again. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Disco ball- wish I'd seen that! (didn't get too much running around in). Love the color of that roving- must. have. Did I tell you that's its mostly Genevieve in that batch?