Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update today: some chunkier yarns

Even though I tend to specialize in finer-gauge yarns -- laceweights and sock yarns -- I know that sometimes it's nice to be able to whip up a project quickly. Now that it's mid-October, some of you may be thinking about holiday gift-knitting. So today's Black Bunny Fibers update consists of some chunky-weight yarns. I've got two new yarns that I'm hoping to add as regulars. The first is called Candy Stripe:

One of my yarn clubs tried it out and gave it high marks, liking the softness and the way that the plies take the color differently -- or not at all.

I've whipped up a scarf pattern, featuring a big cable running the length, and I'm offering it as a free pattern with the purchase of one or more skeins of Candy Stripe.

The second new base is called Bump, and it's 98% merino wool with a 2% nylon binder to give it some texture.

Bump is fun to knit with and you get results fast.

In fact, I was able to knit this slouchy hat in a night, and I'm offering this pattern free with purchase of one or more skeins of Bump:

(I will be wearing it at Rhinebeck if the weather requires it, so you can see it up close and in person.)

I also stumbled across a couple of skeins of a bulky, thick-n-thin yarn that I'm calling Cloud.

This yarn is discontinued, so I probably won't be able to get more of it, but it's very soft and extremely quick-knitting (maybe 2 stitches to the inch?) so you could definitely produce a very warm scarf in a very short period of time, enjoying the glorious colors and textures.

(Sorry -- no free pattern for discontinued yarns!) I'm sending a couple of skeins of each of these to Loop tomorrow if you want to stop by and see them in person.

I'll be off to Rhinebeck tomorrow, with faithful traveling companions Jim and Laura. Traveling with us will be the inimitable Swatchy, of Travels With Swatchy fame. Swatchy is a little shmoo who serves two purposes: he serves as stand-in for the lovely Knittah, who cannot travel very often or very far due to her disabling CFIDS (learn more about the disease here) and he thereby helps to raise awareness about CFIDS. You'll see lots more photos of Swatchy as he treks with us to Rhinebeck and back....but here is Swatchy, bonding with the BBF yarn until it's time to depart.

In fact, this particular Swatchy is made with some BBF yarn.... adding to his overall handsomeness, if I do say so myself. (Rest assured that I have checked Swatchy's ID to make sure he is over the age of consent, something I always do before crossing state lines.)

I'll try to update the blog over the weekend with some shots from Rhinebeck. The weather is supposed to be grim -- cold and rainy snowy? -- but I can't wait to be in the company of some of my favorite fiber friends. If you see me, please stop me and say hi. It always tickles me to no end to meet readers, especially the lurkers.


Carol said...

I love that you called one of the yarns Bump! Do you remember that bar downtown that was called that?

Ali P said...

Maybe the Qc-ers will steal you and bring you and Swatchy to Montreal for some poutine? LOL Its going to be so great to finally meet you in person!!!SQUEE

Elizabeth D said...

A friend's sister has CFIDS. Great news this week about a possible viral cause. She has heard from too many people, too many times, "Oh, it's all in your head."

Hey, my code word is "sombup" and I did indeed order Some Bump.

Bridget said...

Have a good time - I can't wait to hear all about it.

Tell Laura and Jim hello from me.

Knittah said...

Swatchy is indeed a little shmoo, but even though he's technically old enough - keep him away from Dolores!

anne marie in philly said...

I can testify that BUMP is loverly to knit up; it was made into a sweater for a child in botswana (via knittah's doctor)!

Susanne said...


I think I ran into you in the book section of Rhinebeck today with K. Rengren. You were joking about your "12 readers". Anywho, I'm going to be #13, if you don't mind!


Kris said...

Rats, I missed you this time. I will have to wait until Maryland to try stalking you again.