Friday, October 19, 2007

Quickie update

Don't miss yesterday's book review if you haven't checked the blog in a few days, but I had to mention that the Knitting Curmudgeon has an article about Kristin in the next Interweave Knits magazine. It's a great profile so look for it.

I've had a crazy week -- N. developed walking pneumonia, poor kid. I think he has turned the corner and he had a much better night last night, so if he continues to improve, I'll be at Rhinebeck on Saturday and early Sunday. I will be exhausted and probably a bit dazed, but I'll try to remember to wear a blogger bingo icon somewhere, maybe pinned to my shirt that says "I [heart] VéVé."


Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is well, and soon!

Casey said...

It seems like everyone in blogland is planning on going to rhinebeck except me! I hope the little guy feels better. I had walking pneumonia when I was a kid too. It was no fun!